Sembang2: Hows Life Treating Me Now?

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Hello you beautiful people! Here I am, back at it again with another not so interesting blog post about myslef. See, eja myself pun tak betoi..Anyway, its been almost three months already I slowly slide myself up into adulthood or working life..If you ask me, I prefer study life better.. Dulu when I was a student, I felt more fulfilled..Why? because when you are a student, you work hard, you sleep late, you spend countless hours memorizing things, you do all these things and the result comes back to you.. You get good result, you learn new things, you grow, all the benefits from your hardship comes back to you.. None goes in vain.. and if other people also benefited from your hard work, still you lose none.. But in working life, its a bit of a different story, you work hard to make some people that you dont even know get richer and you..erm, you dont really get much.. Yes, you will also learn new things, you get your pay also, but it feels a bit less fulfilled than when I was a student.. Call me selfish or apa2, I dont mind. Im just saying my opinion.. Maybe, I am still so new in this new phase of life so thats why I havent really found the satisfaction of working.. Im still positive about this job tho.. Its a good job with a decent salary.. There's nothing wrong with the job Im currently attached to now, its just the whole idea of makan gaji yang I still havent manage to settle myself with yet.. Maybe bila gaji aku dah puluh puluh ribu baru aku nak rasa fulfilled kot.. Weh, since when aku jadi mata duitan ni? Ofcourse I am just saying that in a point of view of a young guy that just three months old in working life.. So you know my opinion tadi tu will evolve and I will grow into a dude that appreciate his work and its effects towards other human being rather than just making equation on how much I gain with the job I do with how much some people gain with how little job they do.. *what the heck am I blabbering here? Lets skip ahead!

Anyway, I have a good news to share here. A good news that I dont really get to enjoy much about. A few previous blog posts ago you can read about how much I was devastated for not getting any scholarship to study overseas for my masters.. I can tell you, I never felt as broken hearted as felt during that time.. I can laugh about it now, but still I felt really lost during that time.. Slowly, I managed to climb up that thorny hill of sadness and make my way up to the moving on part and when I was about to put my dream of doing masters oversea in hibernation mode, I got a news that I am selected for Turkish Buslari Scholarship to study Culture in Sakarya University.. I am truly grateful for God is giving me this beautiful option.. The thing is that now, I have realize a few things that is making me hesitate to go there.. I wont share here because it would be too long then.. All I can say is that, I most possibly am not going to accept this offer.. Maybe the time is again, not right..  

Anyhoo.. I now know how to apply for uni overseas, I know what scholarship are available out there, I know a little bit the trick during interview, so I can always try my luck next time.. Right? The message that I learn from my own failure and ups and cries is that, I can plan and I can plan as much as I want as deliberately as I can but Allah is the best planner.. He already has you life calendared out the best way it possibly could be.. So, just put trust in Him. Have faith.. InshaAllah you will be fine..Alright you wonderful beings! See you in another not so interesting post.

Sembang2: Im Here Now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Hey guys, what have you guys been doing?  I hope, sesapa saja yang reading this blog. Wherever you are, you guys are doing fine.. Happy with your family.. and always be grateful for the fact the you are still alive. If you read my previous entry, I mentioned that I was going to go for a training under Malaysia Airport right? That was my plan at first.. Guess what, God was also planning something for me.. Ofcoz la something better kan.. I was like 80% sure that I wanted to go to the Malaysia Airport training when I got a better offer from a company based in Kulim Hi-Tech Park.. It is close to home and I get to carpool with my brother in-law. Thank You Allah. I have always wanted to settle down somewhere in SP or at least nearby because I want to be able to take care of my mak and abah. Im just so grateful that I get a job yg nearby dengan rumah. Boleh la merasa makan masakan mak every weekend..Hehe.. Yes, aku very anak mak.. Kalau boleh nak duduk bawah ketiak mak sampai what to do, this is life.. Mak has to learn to let go, and I have to learn to make she feels okey of letting go. Anyway, I have been working here for almost a month now.. So far, I have been given only small tasks and one trip to organize.. Its really a blessing that  all my colleagues are very helpful and very patient with me. I am still in my transitional phase not just from students life tp working adult life.. But also from jobless life to notjobless life.. Which has only one slight different. Iaitu? Tidur.. During jobless, aku tidoq umpama seorang CEO yg dah punya 213435 buah syarikat.. Tidur lebih dari cukup, bangun tidur bila matahari melambai pergi diiring azan maghrib (hiperbola semata k.) You get my point right? So, even after almost one month working there, I am still so sleepy at work.. When I get sleepy, things that they teach me, is slowly.. Very slowly getting picked by me.. I really hope that they know  this and that they dont think that I am purposely lembab belajaq. 

In my previous entry, I also mention about sambung my studies to Turkey under Turkish government scholarship right?  I am still waiting for the result of the interview.. but my heart is saying that even though I get it, I should stay.. First, because of the political condition in Turkey now and second because I like it there at my company now. Plus, this company also provide scholarship for their employees.. but still I dont know what is going to happen in the future, because as I am planning my future now, Allah has already planned something that is so much better that mine.. Lets just wait and see okey?

Pengalaman: Turkish Scholarship & Malaysia Airport Training

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Hey guys *whoever still read this blog.. I know I know, I failed big time trying to write here daily.. I kinda saw it coming actually.. But nevermind, I guess after this, I'll just write whenever I feel like writing without emphasizing that I want to write here everyday. You know, actually, I was doing ok about writing daily if you read my previous entries, I was almost used to it.. But then, something happened which was, I didnt get the master scholarship that I was hoping and praying for quite a while.. I was devastated and kinda lost a little bit.. I had only one plan that time, which was to get the scholarship and do my master oversea. There was no plan B.. I know, its pretty stupid right? You what stupider? I rejected two job offers just because I was hoping (believe) that I would get the scholarship. I was so lost and full of regrets and disappointed all the at the same time. Fuhh, it was a really long month. 

Enough with that, im now back on my two feet and after one month and a half, I believe I have moved on passed that "time". And life is slowly unfolding itself for me.. and so far, it is looking pretty good.. I am now waiting to go on a training with Malaysia Airport and I just got an invitation to attend an interview for Turkiye Buslari Scholarship.. I guess, had I not been in the situation that I've mentioned in the previous paragraph, I wont feel as grateful as I am right now. So, thank you Allah for making me have a little taste of failure so that I can appreciate every little rezeki that you are giving to me now. The interview will be held on 7th June and I'm moving to Sepang on 15th June..Wish me luck for both of those and I'll update here if there's anything new ok?

Movie Time! : Review Cerita Captain America: Civil War

Friday, April 29, 2016
Semalam aku xtulis apa2 kat sini.. Adoyai, dah dua hari dah terskip.. Btw, semalam tu aku x tulis ada sebabnya.. Aku plan nak tulis malam semalam, tapi tetiba pulak malam semalam adik aku Iman Syippo (dia ni Youtuber), minta tolong aku jadi cameraman untuk video baru dia..So, xsempat  nak tulis kat sini.. Video Iman Syippo tu dah diupload pun dekat Youtube, boleh la p cari nama Iman Syippo kat youtube sana...

Harini, aku nak tulis sedikit review untuk cerita Captain America:Civil War..Aku pergi tengok cerita ni malam pertama cerita ni keluar.. Panggung x penuh tapi ramai jugaklah orang.. Aku ni bukanlah peminat tegar filem2 Captain America ataupun Avengers, so sebelum tengok cerita ni, aku xdelah letakkan harapan yang tinggi-tinggi untuk cerita ni jadi sangat2 bagus.. Tapi, lepas tengok cerita, MINDBLOWN. So, apa yang mindblowing sangat tu? Haa.. Meh aku share kenapa aku rasa Civil War ni actually cerita superhero Marvel yang paling best setakat ni.

Jalan cerita, ok jalan  cerita untuk Civil War ni agak menarik sebab dia ada banyak sub-plot yang disusun dengan sangat baik.. Plot utama cerita ni, pada pendapat aku adalah, tentang seoarang lelaki Sokovia yang nak hidupkan 4 orang lagi winter soldier macam Bucky (Kawan kepada Captain America). All other sub-plots, revolve around plot utama tu.. Termasuklah plot, Iron-Man bergaduh dengan Captain America yang mana pada mulanya dicetuskan oleh Perjanjian Sokovia. Nak tau apa dia perjanjian Sokovia tu? Korang kena pergi tengok sendiri k.. Hehe.. And satu lagi yang aku suka tentang jalan cerita Civil War ni ialah, ada sedikit twist kat hujung2 cerita..Aku mmg suka cerita yang ada twisted ending.. So, yeah, this one has that.

Character. Character2 dalam cerita ni di tonjolkan dengan jayanya.. Captain America and IronMan masing2 dengan ego masing2.. Hawkeye being sarcastic as he is.. senang cerita, semua character hidup and kita penonton ni akan bagi perhatian dekat semua hero2 dalam cerita tu as if depa semua watak utama dalam tu.. Annddd... Plus point untuk Civil War ni, depa masukkan Spiderman, Antman dengan Black Panther sebagai penambah perasa dalam cerita.. Aku tak tahu orang lain rasa macam mana, tapi aku sampai ke hujung cerita even sampai dah balik nak tidoq masih teringat scene diorang lawan ramai2 dekat airport yang melibatkan Spiderman dengan Antman.. Aku rasa, that is the best part of  the movie la.. In fact, that is the best moment of all Marvel superhero film.. Haha.. Over pulak aku kan..

Secara keseluruhan, filem ni mmg very well done la.. Rasa macam nak p tengok sekali lagi ja.. Seriously guys, this one is very2 good..I would give a 9/10 rating for this movie.. In fact, I believe IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes pun akan bagi rating yang tinggi untuk filem ni.. So, go watch it now! Oklah, sampai sini dulu k.. Jumpa esok!

Review Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil WarReview Cerita Captain America: Civil War

Info: Kat Mana Nak Tengok Descendants of The Sun (DoTS)

Thursday, April 28, 2016
Korang yang baca ni peminat Korean Drama Series ka? Kalau ya, msti korang tau series apa yang jadi kegilaan gadis-gadis remaja (teruna2 pun ada yang minat) pada masa sekarang ni kan? of coz la Descendants of The Sun ataupun ramai yang dok guna singkatan DoTS..Memang kejap kejap trending dekat twitter..Adakah cerita ni sebagus yang di tweet?  Aku xberapa nak tengok sangat dah drama korea sekarang, drama korea masa zaman2 winter sonata, sad sonata, autumn in my heart dulu ja aku layan.. Sekarang dah tak tengok dah.. Tapi disebabkan terlampau ramai yang dok membicarakan and dok tweet pasal drama DoTS ni, aku rasa macam terpanggil untuk tengok sama. Tapi aku belum tengok lagi ni, cuma mungkin bakal tengok.. So, kat mana aku nak tengok Descendants of The Sun (DoTS) ni? Haaa.. itulah persoalan pertama yang aku tanya.. dan keduanya, dah jauh sangat ka aku tertinggal? haha.. Setelah dicari gali dekat google, aku terjumpa satu site ni yang mana diorang sediakan koleksi siri Descendants of The Sun (DoTS) untuk beberapa episod awal dalam version HD.. Apa nama website tu? Haa.. Nama dia FMovies, ni link dia Korang yang nak tengok Descendants of The Sun (DoTS) especially in HD, boleh try tengok situ.. Tapi diorang x habis upload sampai latest episode lagi.. So, korang tengok lah yang mana ada dulu k.. Entry hari ni pun pendek sahaja, sekadar nak kongsikan link ni dekat sesapa yang dok tertanya-tanya kat mana nak tengok Descendants of The Sun (DoTS) ni kan.. Jadi, lets see is this drama really that good, ataupun cuma hype semata-mata.

Jom Tengok!: Lambaian Terakhir Short Film

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Guys, today's entry is going to be so short. As I've mentioned in a few entries back, I have just finished my degree a couple of months ago.. As it was our last time being together as batch mates, my friends and I decided to make a short film about our last days in UPM. This short film is actually the continuation of the first short film that we produced two years ago. The first short film is called Temuramah Bersama Pembunuh and it got like quiet viral in UPM. So, since people seems to love the kind of short film that we produced, we decided to make a second one. Which is entitled Lambaian Terakhir.. It was so much fun shooting this short film and our editor/director put so much effort into this little project of ours. So, whoever is reading this entri, lets watch this short film with me will you? Leggo!

Tips: Things To Do When Visiting Langkawi

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Hey, its me again! Still on the mission to write on this blog every freakin day! Will I make it? Absolutely no. Because I have already skipped one day which was supposed to be day 4. But nevermind.. Lets make it up! We can do this! Now, today lets talk about Langkawi Island.. Which is also known as the Pearl of Kedah or is it Diamond of Kedah.. Well, in Bahasa Malaysia it is called Permata Kedah.. So, what actually do I want to share here? Well, I actually did my internship in one of the tourist attractionS in Langkawi, in a company called Panorama Langkawi Sdn. Bhd.. This is the company that runs the famous Langkawi Cable Car.. I was there for almost three months, so I can share with you guys a little bit about what to do in Langkawi.. Im not going to share like an itinerary or any kind of schedule whatnot. Im just going to list down the things/place that you should do/go when in Langkawi.

First, the ferry fees from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi is RM23 as up this very moment, that is price. Meanwhile, from Kuala Perlis to Langawi, the fees for the ferry is RM18. From Kedah to Langkawi would take about 2 hours and Kuala Perlis to Langawi about 1 hour. Below are the things that you should do when in Langkawi.. These list down below is very brief, there wont be any explanation on price or closing/opening hours and things like that ok? 

1. You must rent a room/hotel/motel/homestay near Chennang Beach.
2. You must go to Langkawi Cable Car.
3.You should do the Island Hopping.
4.You Must Go to Pantai Kok, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak and Teluk Datai.
5.You have to walk on the Chennang Beach at night.
6. You really need to go to one of Langkawi's Night Market. 
7. You also need to walk on Pantai Kok in the evening.
8. You must try Langkawi's TomYam.
9. You must ride/drive around the whole island of Langkawi.
10. You have to buy some really cheap chocolate at HIG.
11. You Must Hang Out at Dataran Helang in the evening.

Yeah, there you have it. 11 things you must do when you come to Langkawi. There a whole lot more attractions in this beautiful island but those that I have listed for you are the things that you must do if you want to say that you've come to Langkawi. Oh, I miss the moments when I was there. Everything was so much cheaper and all the scenary was just incredible. Okey, I wanna go cry now. See you tomorrow.Assalamualaikum.

Tips: Petua Awet Muda.

Monday, April 25, 2016
People say, You are as old as you feel.. Its true. very true indeed. Tapi kata-kata tu is applied to the spiritual/psychological part of yourself only. Betul tak? Sebab tak kira semuda mana pun kita cuba untuk rasa, tubuh fizikal kita tetap akan menua. Kedut tetap akan muncul. Gigi tetap akan rapuh dan jatuh. Badan tetap akan membongkok.. Or. Is it though?  Yes it is.. Proses penuaan pasti berlaku, dan walaupun kita tak boleh nak hentikan proses tu dari berlaku, kita masih boleh buat sesuatu sebenarnya untuk perlahankan kadar kelajuan proses itu.. Dalam entri kali ni, aku kan kongsikan sedikit tips nak kekal awet muda yang aku dapat daripada pemerhatian aku terhadap mak aku sendiri. No no no. ini bukan sebab aku takdak idea nak tulis apa kat sini mahupun sebab aku malas nak baca kajian2 saintifik yang ada kat luar sana.. Nope. Bukan sebab tu. Tapi sebab aku sendiri dpt tengok macamana mak aku nampak muda jauh dari umur dia. Dan bukan aku sorang ja yang cakap cmtu, tapi ramai lagi yang setuju.. Kalau nak bandingkan mak dengan rakan2 yang sebaya dengan dia, mmg nampak perbezaan yang jelas..Kawan-kawan dia ramai yang dah beruban, gigi dah reput2 dan paling tak sedap nak sebut, penyakit dah berangkai-rangkai. Alhamdulillah mak masih selamat dari semua tu. So, apa yang jadi amalan mak?

1. Minum air campuran Kurma+Kismis+Daun Pegaga setiap pagi. Aku taktau sejak bila dia start amalan ni.. Tapi it was quiet a long time ago.. Aku percaya yang sikit atau banyak, mesti amalan dia yang ni ada memberi kesan jugak dekat keawet-mudaan dia ni. Nnt kita sama2 rungkai apa sebenarnya khasiat disebalik semua campuran dalam jus yg mak dok minum ni.

2.Jangan kerap minum ais. Mak kalau waktu makan, dia mmg jarang sangat minum air sejuk. Kontradik sangat dengan anak dia ni yang memang penggemar air sejuk kronik. To be honest, I believe I need some kind of a therapy to save myself from this addiction.. Anyway, back to Mak, yeah dia memang tak gemar minum ais.. Mungkin itu rahsia gigi dia masih tahan kuat. I dont know.

3.Makan all sorts of ulam every meal. Every single meal. Menurut mak, mak memang suka makan ulam sejak dari kecik sampailah sekarang. Ulam raja, petai, jering, daun mengkudu, ahh semua jenis ulam la dia taram.. haha.. Kadang tu, dia makan nasi berlauk ulam sahaja dicicahnya dengan budu. This must have something to do with her being awet muda.

4. Jangan lap air wuduk. Aku selalu lap muka aku setiap kali lepas ambik wuduk and kalau mak perasan, mak akan tegur jangan lap air wuduk tu. Banyak kelebihan air wuduk tu kata mak.. So, itulah sedikit yang aku boleh kongsikan on tips awet muda ni.. I dont know whether this is scientifically correct or not, but this is what I observe from my mom. Orait. hope this help u guys somehow. See you tomorrow.

Cuba teka umur mak.

Sembang2: Apps To Edit Photo?

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Hello guys, its been 6 days already! Everything is going pretty well now here on this blog. Starting from random thoughts, then suddenly yesterday I shared something that might be useful to some of you guys out there.. What bothering me is actually what language should I use when writing here in this blog. English or Malay.. I would very much prefer to use Malay because it is much easier as it is my mother tongue language. But then again, I want to use English because I dont want everything that I've learned during my 3.5 years of degree just fade out like that.. Then it hit me, I can do both! I'll just write in both language, like one day in English and the next day in Malay. There is no problem in that right? Hehe.. So, As for today, I am going to write a little bit about photo editing.. I like to edit photo. I like doing it so much that I can do it all day long.. I'm not saying that I am good at it, but what Im saying is that, I love doing it. I've learned photo editing since I was in high school. 

I started with stupid lame ass software that I have already forgotten the name. I did some really horrible editing back then. But its fine, that is how I learned, heck that is how everyone learns. Slowly I improved, like really slowly. So, I am writing this entry today to help you guys to skip all the time that I spent in the "Bad editing phase", and jump right into "Not Bad Editing Phase". How to do that? Well nowadays, we dont just have computer software to edit photos, we also have our mobile apps to do those things right? and some of these mobile apps can really do some incredible job. I'll just list down below the name of mobile apps that I have been using in my editing, not just for fun kind of editing, but I have also used some of these apps to make real money.. I'll just list them down below, and you guys go check them out and learn how to use them ok? Here we go!

2. Moldiv
3.ProCam XL

So, there you have it. Those apps are my favourite when it comes to graphic manipulation work. Its really complicated if I want to explain how does each of them work, so I suggest you guys go and download the apps and try it yourself! They are very user friendly as well. So, Goodluck! I think thats all for now, we'll talk again soon. I close this entry with some of the picture that I have edited using the apps that I have listed above.

Pengalaman: Macam Mana Nak Tau Jika Ada Jin Di Dalam Rumah Kita?

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Semalam tak post entry.. Tetiba hilang mood untuk menulis kat sini. Well actually sebab semalam memang tak dak idea langsung nak tulis apa. Di tambah pulak dengan rasa malas yang luar biasa. So, kita ambik cuti sehari. Hehe.. Hari ni aku tulis dalam bahasa melayu sebab isu yang nak aku kongsikan kat sini berkait rapat dengan orang kita lah. Sebenarnya around the globe pun benda ni berlaku sahaja.. Tapi sebab aku orang Malaysia, jadi aku lihat pada skala itu lah. Seperti mana yang anda boleh baca dekat tajuk diatas sana tu "Macam Mana Nak Tau Jika Ada Jin Di Dalam Rumah Kita?", itulah yang aku nak kongsikan dengan anda semua. Aku bukan sahaja sahaja nak kongsi cerita sebab nak raih pageview ke whatever tapi benda ni recently ada berlaku dekat saudara terdekat aku. So, aku terasa nak berkongsi sedikit. So, apa yang berlaku?

Ceritanya begini, ada sepasang suami isteri yang baru pindah ke sebuah rumah di Kulim. Pada awalnya tiada apa yang berlaku kepada mereka, namun setelah beberapa bulan tinggal di rumah tersebut, si isteri mengandung. Dalam tempoh awal kandungan tersebut, si Isteri bermimpi mcm2 perkara aneh. Mimpi ular, situasi seram dan macam2 lagi. Dan Si Isteri ni terasa badan lemah-selemahnya sampai tak larat nak buat apa2 kerja. Ya, mungkin ada yang akan kata, "biasalah, perempuan mengandung memang selalu lemah", aku jugak katakan benda yang sama. Tapi dalam kes ini, si isteri hanya rasa lemah yang teramat itu, apabila berada di rumah mereka di Kulim itu. Bila mereka pulang ke rumah mertua di Sungai Petani, badan si isteri tidak selemah itu. Kebingungan, ibu si Isteri yg tinggal di Sungai Petani bawalah anak perempuannya itu bersama suami bertemu dengan seorang ustad.. Setelah di bacakan ayat ayat suci Al-Quran, Ustad itu menerangkan bahawasanya, rumah mereka di Kulim itu telah ditambat seekor "anjing" di dalamnya.  Lalu, ustad itu tanyakan pada suami isteri berkenaan, "nasi dekat rumah cepat basi tak?". Jawapan mereka YA..Maka ustad itu bertambah pasti memang ada yang tinggal disitu selain mereka. Sebenarnya si Suami dah lama perasan yang nasi di rumah mereka cepat sangat basi. Berbeza sangat dengan nasi yang dimasak di rumahnya yang lama. Sekarang baru terjawab kenapa hal itu berlaku.  

Itu adalah kisah terbaru yang aku lihat sendiri yang berlaku kepada saudara terdekat aku. Sebelum ini ada lagi cerita lain yang berlaku pada saudara terdekat juga, lebih kurang perkara yang sama namun ustad yang lain. Juga, beliau menanyakan benda yang sama, " Nasi dekat rumah cepat basi tak?". Aku pernah terbaca dekat satu artikel tentang hal ini lama dahulu, tapi aku sangat skeptikal ketika itu dan tidak percaya dengan info yang aku dapat itu. Tapi sekarang, setelah dua kali aku berhadapan sendiri dengan perihal seperti ini, memang ternyata ada betulnya apa yang aku baca dahulu. Btw, cepat basi disini pada kadar yang bagaimana kan? Berdasarkan pengalaman yg terjadi pada aku dan keluarga, kalau nasi yang anda masak basi dalam masa cuma separuh hari (12 Jam kebawah), mungkin anda boleh cuba rujuk mana2 ustad. Kerana normalnya nasi boleh tahan lebih lama dari itu jika tidak terdedah, Jadi sekarang, jika ada yang tanyakan pada aku atau ada dikalangan anda yang sedang baca blog ini mencarikan jawapan kepada soalan "Macam Mana Nak Tau Jika Ada Jin Di Dalam Rumah Kita?", aku tanya pada anda nasi kat rumah cepat basi tak? Harap info ini berguna. Harap anda semua selamat dalam lindungan Allah. Assalamualaikum.

Sembang2: Scholarship RESULT is OUT!

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Its day 4! I think im going to be just fine writing here everyday for a couple of weeks or so, but after that, Im going to have like an intense little battle with my laziness before writing here.. We'll just see how it goes. As for now, I'll just be writing like a daily journal here, but Im planning to make various type of entries in the future, where I'll be discussing about some things(tips, movie reviews,infos) that are significant and could be helpful to you guys out there. But, for now, this is the only thing that I can offer, so bear with me ok? I am getting there.

Anyway, yesterday I did mention that one of the scholarship results was going to be announced right? Well..the result is as expected laa.. I dont get the scholarship.. If get it, I would have started this entry with something like "Guysssssss I got it I got it I got it", but no. I dont get it. So, yeah. To be honest, I am quiet sad. To be really honest, I am really sad. Why? because I have been hoping to get this one like super badly.. Thats why it hit hard, when I got the email saying that I didnt get the scholarship. I know it was my own self to be blamed because I put my hopes too high for this, but I am just a human being like everyone else, Its hard to content myself from hoping to get the scholarship. Now, after a good sleep last night, I woke up fine and feeling better about it. Maybe Allah has a better plan for me. Nope, not maybe, but I am sure He has a much better plan for. I'll share it here as well when it happen. Haaaa, despite not getting the scholarship, I still hold the offer letter from Glasgow University and I am still trying to contact Yayasan2 in Malaysia that might be able to fund my studies and if you who read this know anyone or any yayasan that is looking for students to be sponsored, do tell me ok?  I think thats about it for today, I end this entry with a new song that I amateur-ly produced yesterday, it is called Lagu Untuk Hangpa (Song For You Guys). Ok, see ya tomorrow! Assalamualaikum.

Sembang2: Erasmus Mundus Result Announcement!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Howdy guys! Here we go again.. This is day no.3 of me trying to write here everyday. Despite of having no significant event happening in my life these days, I will try to make an entry in this blog every single day. Lets see how I'd do ok and cut me some slacks if my entry is not that interesting yes? haha. Well lucky for me, today, I do have something to tell you people (based on my calculation, they is 10 of you who's still reading my blog XD). As what I have told in my previos entry, I am now waiting for the results of my scholarships to come out this month and guess what, one of the scholarship will be announced today! Fuh.. Applicants were told about this news at about 4 o'clock today. I havent got the mail yet, so I dont know yet whether or not I get the scholarship (Finger cross so hard, they almost break). The scholarship that'll be out today is called Erasmus Mundus. Its a very interesting scholarship and a very loaded one as well. I'll share about it in another entry ok? Anyway, I'll definitely share with you here about the result. Good or Bad, I'll let you know. #Pray4Kimi.  I leave it all to Allah now. He knows exactly where to put me and what to give me, so yeah. Wish me luck! Assalamualaikum.

Sembang2: Who To Watch on Youtube?

Monday, April 18, 2016
Hello Guys! Here I am again. Im trying to write here everyday starting from yesterday. haha..Lets see how long can I last! These few weeks, I have been watching videos on Youtube more than I ever have. Waking up from sleep, I straight away check my email and then I go to youtube. While my mouth is eating for lunch/dinner/supper, my eyes and brain eat as well through Youtube. Damn, it makes me sound like a supper nerd or supper lame is it not? haha.. Well, I have to admit, i kinda do feel like a nerd, eh.. I have always been a nerd. But this watching Youtube all day does make me feel like so lame. But its ok, Im in a phase of life where all I've got to do is watching youtube. haha.. Have you guys been in this phase? or is it just me? hurm.. Its just me right? Haha..

So, what have I actually been watching on Youtube? Orait.. Lets talk about that.. Since I watch Youtube really often lately, I need to watch creators who produce contents as often as they can and on Youtube, the Vlog trend is catching up. A lot of famous Youtubers from different genres are now starting to have a second channel where they make videos about their daily routine. That is actually where I got inspiration to write daily on this blog. I thought, if they can shoot and edit their video daily, why cant I write here daily too. Getting back to who do I watch on Youtube these days? Well, lets make a list of them. I'll just list a few alright?

First, I am following our own homegrown singer and now Vlogger Aizat Amdan on his channel, Official Aizam Amdan. Aizat started Vlogging if im not mistaken somewhere last year but I just figured out about his Vlogging this year. This year, his Vlogs revolve around his project called Gegar 2016 where he plans to GEGAR this 2016 by producing one song every month! That is pretty exciting right? So, go check him out! He also shares a lot of tips about life and stuff. We can definitely learn something from his vlogs.

Second! I also just found out about this one awesome Vlogger named Casey Neistat. He lives in New York and he has been on Youtube since forever but him producing daily vlogs just came about mid last year. What I like about his vlogs is that the quality is so freakin good! Its like watching a movie everytime I watch his vlog. Things really get crazier when he started to do drone shots and include them in his video. Freakin amazing. 

Third and Fourth, Vsauce and Crash Course. These two are in academic genre of Youtube. Their videos are very educational and informative as for Vsauce, its mindnumbing and mindblowing.  Vsauce is hosted by Michael Stevens where he has been discussing or explaining a lot of theories and questions of the universe to his audience. Most of the times, I dont understand what he is explaining but I love the feeling of knowing that the universe is so vast and there are so many things that we human dont know yet about this world, that is why I keep on watching his videos on youtube. As or Crash Course, it is hosted by John Green ( yeap. THE John Green and his brother Hank Green). They talk about..hurm.. pretty much everything, from history, economy, astronomy, psycology and so much more. I love how they present their topics with creative animation. You guys should check them out too!

So, there it is guys! Some youtube channel that I have been so actively following these days! They definitely worth the time. Go check them out! Assalamualaikum.

Sembang2: What is Up!?

Salam muhibbah guys! I know it has been a really long time since I last posted here. So many things have happened since then. I finished my degree on february, I've applied to further my studies to masters level because I feel like I have not yet satisfied with the knowledge that I've got during my degree. and also because I feel like Im not ready yet to enter working life. I know I know, nobody is ready to work immediately after studies but they work anyway right but me, I particularly feel like I want to gain some more knowledge and explore more . I guess I just love to study. I'm a lazy person that love to study. That would describe me. So, yeah, that being said, I really hope that my dream to further my studies will come true. I am now currently just staying at home helping my mother to do some chores while waiting for the results of all the scholarships that I have applied for earlier this year to come out this Month. PLEASE. PRAY. FOR. ME. I really hope I'll get at least one of all 5 scholarships that I've applied. I applied for Yayasan Daya Diri, Erasmus Mundus, Turkish Government, Commonwealth and Khazanah Scholarship. Just hoping the best now. 

Well, Im not just staying in and not doing anything at all now. I do some freelancing job on graphic designing and editing from companies to keep myself occupied. This waiting for scholarship thingy is really eating me from inside because there's literally nothing that I can do about it. I can only pray. Thats it. So, to keep myself away from the idea of just "waiting", I do those freelancing job as graphic editor and also I write some songs.. I have some poems that I wrote when I was studying and I thought why not turn those into songs. I used Garageband in my Ipad to produce them (as of now, I have alread produced 2 songs). They sound very amateur because well, I am amateur. But its a good way to learn right? So, I'll keep finding things that I can do to occupy myself and writing this blog would be one of them. Hopefully, Im not just saying but this time really do keep this blog updated. If possible daily but if not, at least once a week. I hope whoever reads this entry pray that I'll have the perseverance to keep writing and also please pray that I'll get one of those scholarship. I thank you and pray that you will have a great and wonderful and happy life. Now, these two youtube videos down below are the songs that I have made using my poems and my ipad.. Do tell me how does it sound and what can I do to improve. and also, anyone who needs help with graphic editing (posters, banners, button, tshirt, logo) can email me at Until next time!

Pengalaman: Cikgu Yang Tidak Buat "Cincai Work"

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Apa habaq kalian sekalian? Lama sudah tuan empunya blog tak datang melawat blog ni, apatah lagi kalian sekalian kan? Kali ni aku terlintas untuk tulis sesuatu dekat sini setelah aku terbaca status seorang kawan aku tentang seorang youtuber yang memberikan pendapat beliau tentang perbezaan sekolah international dengan sekolah kerajaan. Tp jgn bimbang, tulisan ini bukan untuk menghentam sesiapa ataupun untuk mencurah minyak pada api yg sedang viral, cuma nak berkongsi cerita. Dalam banyak-banyak points yang disebutkan youtuber tu, aku tertarik dengan point "cincai work" yang ditujukan pada cikgu-cikgu sekolah kerajaan. Now, kita semua tahu yang dia tak tujukan tu dekat semua cikgu-cikgu dekat sekolah kerajaan, mungkin dia tujukan hanya kepada beberapa orang cikgu yang pernah dia jumpa (but its still wrong to say things like that about teachers tho), dan aku pun taknaklah further memanjangkan cerita tentang apa yang dia maksudkan dengan "cincai work" and berapa ramai cikgu yg dia jumpa yg tunjukkan such attitude. Apa yang aku nak buat cumalah nak berkongsi satu cerita tentang seorang cikgu sekolah rendah aku yang definitely did not do "cincai work".

Nama beliau Cikgu Fatimah. She taught me when I was in primary school. Standard 6 to be specific. Cikgu fatimah mengajar kami matapelajaran Bahasa Inggeris. Beliau kalau mengajar memang nak sampai kami semua faham betul-betul apa yang dia ajar. So, she did kelas tambahan, she did free tuition and she even spent money on us by giving us presents and stuff if we get "stars" for our homeworks. Beliau memang kerja keras untuk pelajar-pelajar beliau. Dan dalam banyak-banyak perkara yang terjadi masa sekolah rendah dulu, ada satu insiden yang aku masih ingat harini dan akan ingat sampai bila-bila because it has affected my life so much up until now.The story goes like this, We've just had our mid-year examination and result untuk setiap paper akan dapat waktu dalam class lah kan. So untuk subject bahasa inggeris, satu hari tu Cikgu Fatimah masuk dalam kelas dengan muka yang lain macam. Selalunya dia nampak happy bila masuk kelas tapi kali ni, muka dia marah, dekat tangan dia ada paper kami. We knew its not good and I had it coming because I knew how bad did I do for the exam. Then dalam kelas, she distributed the papers, and  after that, dia mula marah sebab takda siapa dapat A untuk subjek Bahasa Inggeris kelas tu, kelas 6 Arked. A little while after that, she started crying. Not just the "tears slowly falling down her cheek" cry but like really really crying while talking to us, trying to motivate us to do better next time. I can see frustration in her eyes, but she didnt say that we've disappointed her tho. Then when she couldnt continue talking anymore, she left the class. We , didnt know what to do so we just sat quietly, in regret. During recess, we went to her table to apologize and she just asked us to do better next time for she had done so much for us, to see us able to understand English. 

After that event, I worked so hard to improve my English. I even tried to memorize a mini dictionary that I have back then. I really did try to but of course la I didnt managed to memorize everything kan, nevertheless it really helped. I took what happened that day seriously, because I knew how serious Cikgu Fatimah was to educate us. I promise myself that I wont disappoint her again. Little that I knew, the efforts that I put to improve my English (so that I wont disappoint my teacher) back then has affected my life until now. First, Alhamdulillah I got A's for English subject for UPSR, PMR and SPM, then when I was a bit matured (just a bit),  I started to realize how big of an impact a hardworking and dedicated teacher could give towards a student's life and that has motivated me to become an educator as well. So, I further my studies in Asasi TESL still (after 5 years), having in mind that I want to be an educator like my English teacher, to give a positive impact on my someone's life. Then, after Asasi, a bit unfortunate for me because I didnt get to further my studies in TESL (Degree) but never mind, I can still be an educator, I then chose B.A English with an aim to afterward do Masters and PhD to become a lecturer, educator. Alhamdulillah now, I have just finished my Bachelor Degree and berkat didikan all the teachers in my life, I am graduating with a fairly good grade and planning to further my studies. One teacher, one event but the impacts resonate through so many years in my life.

Apa yang cuba aku sampaikan kat sini adalah, impak yang sebesar itu yang telah diberikan oleh pada mulanya Cikgu Fatimah dan kemudiannya oleh cikgu-cikgu aku yang lain bukanlah datang dari "Cincai Work" seperti mana yang disebutkan youtuber berkenaan. Impak sebesar itu datang dari Kerja Keras, Kejujuran dan Ketabahan seorang guru yang mana hanya mengajar di sekolah kerajaan. She could have done "cincai work" if she wanted to and get away with it because we were only kids, we wont judge, we wont report to anyone, we knew nothing, but instead, she didn't. I believe there are so many more dedicated teachers out there that never tired of educating, motivating and changing lives of others. Jadi, jomlah kita berterima kasih pada cikgu-cikgu yang dah helped us through so many phases in our life. 

And to Cikgu Fatimah, if somehow, you happen to read this, I want to say Thank You so much. I hope you are doing fine and I hope you still inspire people.  Kepada semua cikgu2 yang dah kerja keras mendidik anak bangsa, keep it up! Anda semua ada dalam doa-doa kami para pelajar.Yang bakal jadi cikgu, be like the teachers who inspire you! 


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