Sembang2: Hows Life Treating Me Now?

Hello you beautiful people! Here I am, back at it again with another not so interesting blog post about myslef. See, eja myself pun tak betoi..Anyway, its been almost three months already I slowly slide myself up into adulthood or working life..If you ask me, I prefer study life better.. Dulu when I was a student, I felt more fulfilled..Why? because when you are a student, you work hard, you sleep late, you spend countless hours memorizing things, you do all these things and the result comes back to you.. You get good result, you learn new things, you grow, all the benefits from your hardship comes back to you.. None goes in vain.. and if other people also benefited from your hard work, still you lose none.. But in working life, its a bit of a different story, you work hard to make some people that you dont even know get richer and you..erm, you dont really get much.. Yes, you will also learn new things, you get your pay also, but it feels a bit less fulfilled than when I was a student.. Call me selfish or apa2, I dont mind. Im just saying my opinion.. Maybe, I am still so new in this new phase of life so thats why I havent really found the satisfaction of working.. Im still positive about this job tho.. Its a good job with a decent salary.. There's nothing wrong with the job Im currently attached to now, its just the whole idea of makan gaji yang I still havent manage to settle myself with yet.. Maybe bila gaji aku dah puluh puluh ribu baru aku nak rasa fulfilled kot.. Weh, since when aku jadi mata duitan ni? Ofcourse I am just saying that in a point of view of a young guy that just three months old in working life.. So you know my opinion tadi tu will evolve and I will grow into a dude that appreciate his work and its effects towards other human being rather than just making equation on how much I gain with the job I do with how much some people gain with how little job they do.. *what the heck am I blabbering here? Lets skip ahead!

Anyway, I have a good news to share here. A good news that I dont really get to enjoy much about. A few previous blog posts ago you can read about how much I was devastated for not getting any scholarship to study overseas for my masters.. I can tell you, I never felt as broken hearted as felt during that time.. I can laugh about it now, but still I felt really lost during that time.. Slowly, I managed to climb up that thorny hill of sadness and make my way up to the moving on part and when I was about to put my dream of doing masters oversea in hibernation mode, I got a news that I am selected for Turkish Buslari Scholarship to study Culture in Sakarya University.. I am truly grateful for God is giving me this beautiful option.. The thing is that now, I have realize a few things that is making me hesitate to go there.. I wont share here because it would be too long then.. All I can say is that, I most possibly am not going to accept this offer.. Maybe the time is again, not right..  

Anyhoo.. I now know how to apply for uni overseas, I know what scholarship are available out there, I know a little bit the trick during interview, so I can always try my luck next time.. Right? The message that I learn from my own failure and ups and cries is that, I can plan and I can plan as much as I want as deliberately as I can but Allah is the best planner.. He already has you life calendared out the best way it possibly could be.. So, just put trust in Him. Have faith.. InshaAllah you will be fine..Alright you wonderful beings! See you in another not so interesting post.


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