Sembang2: Erasmus Mundus Result Announcement!

Howdy guys! Here we go again.. This is day no.3 of me trying to write here everyday. Despite of having no significant event happening in my life these days, I will try to make an entry in this blog every single day. Lets see how I'd do ok and cut me some slacks if my entry is not that interesting yes? haha. Well lucky for me, today, I do have something to tell you people (based on my calculation, they is 10 of you who's still reading my blog XD). As what I have told in my previos entry, I am now waiting for the results of my scholarships to come out this month and guess what, one of the scholarship will be announced today! Fuh.. Applicants were told about this news at about 4 o'clock today. I havent got the mail yet, so I dont know yet whether or not I get the scholarship (Finger cross so hard, they almost break). The scholarship that'll be out today is called Erasmus Mundus. Its a very interesting scholarship and a very loaded one as well. I'll share about it in another entry ok? Anyway, I'll definitely share with you here about the result. Good or Bad, I'll let you know. #Pray4Kimi.  I leave it all to Allah now. He knows exactly where to put me and what to give me, so yeah. Wish me luck! Assalamualaikum.


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