Sembang2: Scholarship RESULT is OUT!

Its day 4! I think im going to be just fine writing here everyday for a couple of weeks or so, but after that, Im going to have like an intense little battle with my laziness before writing here.. We'll just see how it goes. As for now, I'll just be writing like a daily journal here, but Im planning to make various type of entries in the future, where I'll be discussing about some things(tips, movie reviews,infos) that are significant and could be helpful to you guys out there. But, for now, this is the only thing that I can offer, so bear with me ok? I am getting there.

Anyway, yesterday I did mention that one of the scholarship results was going to be announced right? Well..the result is as expected laa.. I dont get the scholarship.. If get it, I would have started this entry with something like "Guysssssss I got it I got it I got it", but no. I dont get it. So, yeah. To be honest, I am quiet sad. To be really honest, I am really sad. Why? because I have been hoping to get this one like super badly.. Thats why it hit hard, when I got the email saying that I didnt get the scholarship. I know it was my own self to be blamed because I put my hopes too high for this, but I am just a human being like everyone else, Its hard to content myself from hoping to get the scholarship. Now, after a good sleep last night, I woke up fine and feeling better about it. Maybe Allah has a better plan for me. Nope, not maybe, but I am sure He has a much better plan for. I'll share it here as well when it happen. Haaaa, despite not getting the scholarship, I still hold the offer letter from Glasgow University and I am still trying to contact Yayasan2 in Malaysia that might be able to fund my studies and if you who read this know anyone or any yayasan that is looking for students to be sponsored, do tell me ok?  I think thats about it for today, I end this entry with a new song that I amateur-ly produced yesterday, it is called Lagu Untuk Hangpa (Song For You Guys). Ok, see ya tomorrow! Assalamualaikum.


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