Jom Tengok!: Lambaian Terakhir Short Film

Guys, today's entry is going to be so short. As I've mentioned in a few entries back, I have just finished my degree a couple of months ago.. As it was our last time being together as batch mates, my friends and I decided to make a short film about our last days in UPM. This short film is actually the continuation of the first short film that we produced two years ago. The first short film is called Temuramah Bersama Pembunuh and it got like quiet viral in UPM. So, since people seems to love the kind of short film that we produced, we decided to make a second one. Which is entitled Lambaian Terakhir.. It was so much fun shooting this short film and our editor/director put so much effort into this little project of ours. So, whoever is reading this entri, lets watch this short film with me will you? Leggo!


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