Sembang2: Who To Watch on Youtube?

Hello Guys! Here I am again. Im trying to write here everyday starting from yesterday. haha..Lets see how long can I last! These few weeks, I have been watching videos on Youtube more than I ever have. Waking up from sleep, I straight away check my email and then I go to youtube. While my mouth is eating for lunch/dinner/supper, my eyes and brain eat as well through Youtube. Damn, it makes me sound like a supper nerd or supper lame is it not? haha.. Well, I have to admit, i kinda do feel like a nerd, eh.. I have always been a nerd. But this watching Youtube all day does make me feel like so lame. But its ok, Im in a phase of life where all I've got to do is watching youtube. haha.. Have you guys been in this phase? or is it just me? hurm.. Its just me right? Haha..

So, what have I actually been watching on Youtube? Orait.. Lets talk about that.. Since I watch Youtube really often lately, I need to watch creators who produce contents as often as they can and on Youtube, the Vlog trend is catching up. A lot of famous Youtubers from different genres are now starting to have a second channel where they make videos about their daily routine. That is actually where I got inspiration to write daily on this blog. I thought, if they can shoot and edit their video daily, why cant I write here daily too. Getting back to who do I watch on Youtube these days? Well, lets make a list of them. I'll just list a few alright?

First, I am following our own homegrown singer and now Vlogger Aizat Amdan on his channel, Official Aizam Amdan. Aizat started Vlogging if im not mistaken somewhere last year but I just figured out about his Vlogging this year. This year, his Vlogs revolve around his project called Gegar 2016 where he plans to GEGAR this 2016 by producing one song every month! That is pretty exciting right? So, go check him out! He also shares a lot of tips about life and stuff. We can definitely learn something from his vlogs.

Second! I also just found out about this one awesome Vlogger named Casey Neistat. He lives in New York and he has been on Youtube since forever but him producing daily vlogs just came about mid last year. What I like about his vlogs is that the quality is so freakin good! Its like watching a movie everytime I watch his vlog. Things really get crazier when he started to do drone shots and include them in his video. Freakin amazing. 

Third and Fourth, Vsauce and Crash Course. These two are in academic genre of Youtube. Their videos are very educational and informative as for Vsauce, its mindnumbing and mindblowing.  Vsauce is hosted by Michael Stevens where he has been discussing or explaining a lot of theories and questions of the universe to his audience. Most of the times, I dont understand what he is explaining but I love the feeling of knowing that the universe is so vast and there are so many things that we human dont know yet about this world, that is why I keep on watching his videos on youtube. As or Crash Course, it is hosted by John Green ( yeap. THE John Green and his brother Hank Green). They talk about..hurm.. pretty much everything, from history, economy, astronomy, psycology and so much more. I love how they present their topics with creative animation. You guys should check them out too!

So, there it is guys! Some youtube channel that I have been so actively following these days! They definitely worth the time. Go check them out! Assalamualaikum.


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