Sembang2: Im Here Now.

Hey guys, what have you guys been doing?  I hope, sesapa saja yang reading this blog. Wherever you are, you guys are doing fine.. Happy with your family.. and always be grateful for the fact the you are still alive. If you read my previous entry, I mentioned that I was going to go for a training under Malaysia Airport right? That was my plan at first.. Guess what, God was also planning something for me.. Ofcoz la something better kan.. I was like 80% sure that I wanted to go to the Malaysia Airport training when I got a better offer from a company based in Kulim Hi-Tech Park.. It is close to home and I get to carpool with my brother in-law. Thank You Allah. I have always wanted to settle down somewhere in SP or at least nearby because I want to be able to take care of my mak and abah. Im just so grateful that I get a job yg nearby dengan rumah. Boleh la merasa makan masakan mak every weekend..Hehe.. Yes, aku very anak mak.. Kalau boleh nak duduk bawah ketiak mak sampai what to do, this is life.. Mak has to learn to let go, and I have to learn to make she feels okey of letting go. Anyway, I have been working here for almost a month now.. So far, I have been given only small tasks and one trip to organize.. Its really a blessing that  all my colleagues are very helpful and very patient with me. I am still in my transitional phase not just from students life tp working adult life.. But also from jobless life to notjobless life.. Which has only one slight different. Iaitu? Tidur.. During jobless, aku tidoq umpama seorang CEO yg dah punya 213435 buah syarikat.. Tidur lebih dari cukup, bangun tidur bila matahari melambai pergi diiring azan maghrib (hiperbola semata k.) You get my point right? So, even after almost one month working there, I am still so sleepy at work.. When I get sleepy, things that they teach me, is slowly.. Very slowly getting picked by me.. I really hope that they know  this and that they dont think that I am purposely lembab belajaq. 

In my previous entry, I also mention about sambung my studies to Turkey under Turkish government scholarship right?  I am still waiting for the result of the interview.. but my heart is saying that even though I get it, I should stay.. First, because of the political condition in Turkey now and second because I like it there at my company now. Plus, this company also provide scholarship for their employees.. but still I dont know what is going to happen in the future, because as I am planning my future now, Allah has already planned something that is so much better that mine.. Lets just wait and see okey?


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