Pengalaman: Turkish Scholarship & Malaysia Airport Training

Hey guys *whoever still read this blog.. I know I know, I failed big time trying to write here daily.. I kinda saw it coming actually.. But nevermind, I guess after this, I'll just write whenever I feel like writing without emphasizing that I want to write here everyday. You know, actually, I was doing ok about writing daily if you read my previous entries, I was almost used to it.. But then, something happened which was, I didnt get the master scholarship that I was hoping and praying for quite a while.. I was devastated and kinda lost a little bit.. I had only one plan that time, which was to get the scholarship and do my master oversea. There was no plan B.. I know, its pretty stupid right? You what stupider? I rejected two job offers just because I was hoping (believe) that I would get the scholarship. I was so lost and full of regrets and disappointed all the at the same time. Fuhh, it was a really long month. 

Enough with that, im now back on my two feet and after one month and a half, I believe I have moved on passed that "time". And life is slowly unfolding itself for me.. and so far, it is looking pretty good.. I am now waiting to go on a training with Malaysia Airport and I just got an invitation to attend an interview for Turkiye Buslari Scholarship.. I guess, had I not been in the situation that I've mentioned in the previous paragraph, I wont feel as grateful as I am right now. So, thank you Allah for making me have a little taste of failure so that I can appreciate every little rezeki that you are giving to me now. The interview will be held on 7th June and I'm moving to Sepang on 15th June..Wish me luck for both of those and I'll update here if there's anything new ok?


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