Sembang2: Apps To Edit Photo?

Hello guys, its been 6 days already! Everything is going pretty well now here on this blog. Starting from random thoughts, then suddenly yesterday I shared something that might be useful to some of you guys out there.. What bothering me is actually what language should I use when writing here in this blog. English or Malay.. I would very much prefer to use Malay because it is much easier as it is my mother tongue language. But then again, I want to use English because I dont want everything that I've learned during my 3.5 years of degree just fade out like that.. Then it hit me, I can do both! I'll just write in both language, like one day in English and the next day in Malay. There is no problem in that right? Hehe.. So, As for today, I am going to write a little bit about photo editing.. I like to edit photo. I like doing it so much that I can do it all day long.. I'm not saying that I am good at it, but what Im saying is that, I love doing it. I've learned photo editing since I was in high school. 

I started with stupid lame ass software that I have already forgotten the name. I did some really horrible editing back then. But its fine, that is how I learned, heck that is how everyone learns. Slowly I improved, like really slowly. So, I am writing this entry today to help you guys to skip all the time that I spent in the "Bad editing phase", and jump right into "Not Bad Editing Phase". How to do that? Well nowadays, we dont just have computer software to edit photos, we also have our mobile apps to do those things right? and some of these mobile apps can really do some incredible job. I'll just list down below the name of mobile apps that I have been using in my editing, not just for fun kind of editing, but I have also used some of these apps to make real money.. I'll just list them down below, and you guys go check them out and learn how to use them ok? Here we go!

2. Moldiv
3.ProCam XL

So, there you have it. Those apps are my favourite when it comes to graphic manipulation work. Its really complicated if I want to explain how does each of them work, so I suggest you guys go and download the apps and try it yourself! They are very user friendly as well. So, Goodluck! I think thats all for now, we'll talk again soon. I close this entry with some of the picture that I have edited using the apps that I have listed above.


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