Sembang2: What is Up!?

Salam muhibbah guys! I know it has been a really long time since I last posted here. So many things have happened since then. I finished my degree on february, I've applied to further my studies to masters level because I feel like I have not yet satisfied with the knowledge that I've got during my degree. and also because I feel like Im not ready yet to enter working life. I know I know, nobody is ready to work immediately after studies but they work anyway right but me, I particularly feel like I want to gain some more knowledge and explore more . I guess I just love to study. I'm a lazy person that love to study. That would describe me. So, yeah, that being said, I really hope that my dream to further my studies will come true. I am now currently just staying at home helping my mother to do some chores while waiting for the results of all the scholarships that I have applied for earlier this year to come out this Month. PLEASE. PRAY. FOR. ME. I really hope I'll get at least one of all 5 scholarships that I've applied. I applied for Yayasan Daya Diri, Erasmus Mundus, Turkish Government, Commonwealth and Khazanah Scholarship. Just hoping the best now. 

Well, Im not just staying in and not doing anything at all now. I do some freelancing job on graphic designing and editing from companies to keep myself occupied. This waiting for scholarship thingy is really eating me from inside because there's literally nothing that I can do about it. I can only pray. Thats it. So, to keep myself away from the idea of just "waiting", I do those freelancing job as graphic editor and also I write some songs.. I have some poems that I wrote when I was studying and I thought why not turn those into songs. I used Garageband in my Ipad to produce them (as of now, I have alread produced 2 songs). They sound very amateur because well, I am amateur. But its a good way to learn right? So, I'll keep finding things that I can do to occupy myself and writing this blog would be one of them. Hopefully, Im not just saying but this time really do keep this blog updated. If possible daily but if not, at least once a week. I hope whoever reads this entry pray that I'll have the perseverance to keep writing and also please pray that I'll get one of those scholarship. I thank you and pray that you will have a great and wonderful and happy life. Now, these two youtube videos down below are the songs that I have made using my poems and my ipad.. Do tell me how does it sound and what can I do to improve. and also, anyone who needs help with graphic editing (posters, banners, button, tshirt, logo) can email me at Until next time!


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