Sembang2: Now A Vlog?

Saturday, November 25, 2017
Salam Muhibbah! Hopefully you guys are all doing great. Its weekend. I feel like I want to put something up here. So here we go, I recorded the video below while driving and on my way back to SP. I was thinking, I always talk to myself while driving, so why not record and put it on the blog. Yeah, that how lazy I am. Haha. Thats just the truth. Let me know what you think, especially if this is cringe-worthy, Okay?

Sembang2: New Song.

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Hello guys, I hope you guys are doing great. I'm doing just fine over here. Been awhile since I last update anything here huh? Well, this will just be a short entry to tell you guys that I am still alive and still have a tiny bit of passion in writing here on this blog. Still working at the same company. Work is getting much more stable now, getting the hang of it. Lucky that I wrote here how I was struggling before during the early stage of working,cause at least I could see how I grow emotionally. When I read back the previous entries, its funny now. Some I didnt write here, but when I read those entry that I wrote from during the time I was struggling, all the memories just poured down and good thing is, I can laugh about it now. Thats how life work aint it? So, everytime you 're struggling and having a hard time, just imagine that yourself 1 year from now would be smiling and maybe laughing at you now. Pick urself up, get the struggles resolves and move forward.

Anyway, I went to my MRSM Mock Interview couple of days ago. It was an extraordinary experience. Met old friends, teachers and just sit down reminiscing good old times as a student there. I still feel like I havent really left highschool. There is a part of me who is still that boy that dont want to go out and grow and pay bills and stuffs. I guess we all do have that part of ourselves right? Anyway, Like I said, this entry is going to be short, and this is probably it. haha.. too short? Ok2, a little bit more update, I am going to upload a song that I wrote, you can hear it on soundcloud maybe nextweek. Its called Pelangi. Another song with weird melody and lyric. Just a song from my heart. Show me some love yes? haha. Ok guys.Thats all from me for now. I'll talk to you guys in the next one. bye!

Sembang2: Love Your Job?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Hello you beautiful souls! Welcome back here and I hope you are doing great! Feeling awesome and looking dayumm hot! Coz you are!.  As a blogger, I constantly thinking on what could be interesting topic for me to write here, share my perspective and if possible get to learn your perspective as well. The problem with me is that whenever I have things to write, I wont have the mood to write and vice versa. So if  I ever get to write or publish an entry here, you must know that I have struggled and survived a battle between my emotion, idea, kemalasan physical and nafsu untuk tidoq. Unless, I got certain kind of push factor to make me write. Today, I got one. A friend ask me to write on "How to Love Your Job". Friend, if you are reading this, thank you. I know you must be thinking " the heck this dude? aku suggest tajuk ja, over plak dia", or you may not, haha.. But the thought of my random writing here could actually somehow give an impact ( even the tiniest possible) in someone's life, is good. It just feels great. So, lets see what do I got.

Do I love my Job?
To be honest, I wont go that extend, LOVE. But I can say that I am happy with my job. Happy here means, I have never fake an MC just so that I can stay away from the office. And sometimes even when I am a little sick, I will still go to the office to get my things done. Thats the happy that I am talking about here. Get it? Not the kind of happy that rainbows is flowing out of my bike on my way to the office and birds are singing accompanying me to work, not yet there. Hopefully one day.. I am happy because this job is giving me some sense of purpose in my life as for the time being. I have missions now everday. I still remember how bad was it when I didnt have a job, I woke up to do nothing, if that wasnt bad, try waking up to do nothing and scrolling social media with pictures of all your friends getting  jobs and having some sense of purpose in their life. Pretty bad huh? So, yeah, I am happy with my job now. For those who havent got a job, dont feel bad, you will get a job and you will learn to love your job. Cumanya, masanya belum sampai lg, and God wants you to rest or maybe help your parents at home or just feel this feeling right now so that you would appreciate things later when you get a job. So, sabar dan doa dan usaha ok?

Can You Love Your Job? 
Absolutely yes! Tapi a little bit different from drama cinta Akasia 7.00pm TV3, there is no love at first sight when it comes to job. Especially when you are a fresh graduate, there is no love at first I tell you, there is only nervousness, insecurities and blankness. During the early stage of working you do not really understand what are you doing and even what the heck to do. So how on earth are you supposed to love it right? Even in the context of human being, we cannot "love" someone in a day or two, we can like someone for how they look or how they sound or maybe how they behave, but we cant love them for that reasons, love comes with time. It grows from admiring, to liking and finally loving, this takes time. Along the way you will see all the good and bad sides of the person which ultimately make you fall in love more with them. Same thing with job, you need to give it time. You havent seen all of its sides yet to decide that you hate it, maybe you have only seen the stinky side of it, the good ones has yet to come. So, give it time yes?

How To Love Our Job
Its everyone's dream to work and do what they are passionate about right? Like me, I like art, singing, graphic design, writing and I am passionate about these things, but for the time being, God says that I should be working as an HR personnel, so who am I to rewrite that right? That being said, I take these opportunity to learn as much as I can, to be the best at what I am currently doing, but that doesnt mean that I am throwing away my passion, I carry it with me, with my job. I do design for company brochures, I do copywriting for company's social medias posting and so on. The idea is that, try to incorporate your passion into your work. That would help. Hopefully.

Another thing is, when you work for any organization, big or small, dont think about you working for the organization. Instead, think that you are working for the people inside the organization. Think that the work that you are doing right now, is going to affect the periuk nasik of all other people in the organization. If you work hard, you help the company to achieve the target, everybody gets bonus and there is a little boy/girl somewhere (anak2 employees is what I meant) will get new toys and get to eat KFC or ayam McD for a night and sleep with a big smile on their face. Well it works for me, I hope works for you too.

I hope thats enough sharing for this entry.  Hopefully you can take away something from this entry and if there is anything you would like to share with me, you can tell me on the chatbox on the right side of this blog. I dont know my comment section p mana ntah. Anyway, thanks for reading, and again, give it time ok?


Pengalaman: I'm Really Okay Now

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Whats up beautiful souls! I hope you guys are doing fine, feeling great and looking hot! Cause I am..Hahahambar.. Anyway guys, its almost a year now of me working here at SilTerra as an inhouse recruiter. One year. Not yet there, but almost. If you read my entry from the first few months I joined the company you might be able to smell that I was not that happy working. Its not that I was not happy with the place but I was just so not ready with the idea of "working". Like I always said, my plan after degree was only to further and pursue knowledge until the highest level there is. So, when that ideal or that plan has to take a different turn, it sucked. Due to that, work was suck. But that was almost one year ago. Right now, things have changed. Things are getting tougher but I can now say that I am happy working. Of course everyday, every single freaking day will be an adventure, there will always be problems *caused by yours truly or sometimes by others but most of the time by yours truly but its ok. I'ts a norm, only now I realized. I tell you what, up until now, there is not a single day where the day went off smoothly, not a single day. I constantly freaking out about something and at this point I will be scared if Im not freaking out about something. At first I felt like its unhealthy and  just wrong but then I realized that its good actually, at least you know you're up to something. So, yeah, in this entry I would like to share with you guys why am I ok now.

Seeing Lives Change.. Improving.
Working as a recruiter is a bless. Thank You God for sending me, putting me on this path. Through only almost one year working as a recruiter I have seen so much people changed, improve themselves. How? by getting a new job of course, with a better pay of course. Whats better than that? is for me myself to be the turning point of that change. Let me tell you story, a few months back, I have this candidate, his name is Shawal, he came for an interview at the company for Manufacturing Technician Position, he didnt 
get job because of some reasons I shouldnt mentioned here. But really I think he is a good person with a good attitude and can really an asset for the company. How do I know? I was in the room as one of panels.. Shawal was not from a rich family and at that time jobless plus his wife was pregnant 6 months. It really broke my heart seeing a good candidate in such situation not getting the job and had to come back home to his mommy to be wife that he was again turned down. 

So, I told him, ask him if he was okay if I would want to call him again for other position and he obviously he agree, at that time, we didnt have any other openig that he could apply. So, we waited until a few weeks after that there was one opening that his education qualification fit to apply, but then his age was a bit over the limit.. So, we waited again, *I believe at same time he also applied for other position at other companies..One month after that, there is one other opening, this time he is fit for the job, all aspect. So I called him for an interview session with the department, and as I expected, the department liked him .. But this time around, other conflicts raised, because of his age is like this and his salary cannot be like that and da da da da. I could have went to other candidates, but I really want to help this guy and his family. I didnt gave up on him, I tried my best to get the whole things done and the process took almost one month, and I finally got to hand him the offer letter from our company.He definitely was happy. He said that his wife will be so happy. 

 And fast forward a few months after that, just last week, Shawal sent me a pic of him, his wife and their beautiful baby girl, he said "Dari bini saya pregnant 6 bulan sampai lani anak dah 3 bulan, Terima kasih En. Hakimi, Semoga urusan En.Hakimi dipermudahkan macam mana En.Hakimi bantu saya dan keluarga kecil saya ni". That really made my day. This is only one of the cases among a few more that just warm my little heart everytime I think about my job.

I am Pursuing Knowledge.
I mentioned about how much I want to pursue knowledge right? Yeah, like a lot. And during the first few months of working I thought its the end of knowledge searching mission of mine. I thought thats it for me. But as I went along and work and work,I started to see and  I realized that everyday there is opportunity for me to learn new things, be it how to better conduct an interview session or how to manage my work better or if I want to, I could also learned about Wafer Fabrication processes and really understand it. The chances are there and the materials to help me study are also there, I just have to want to do it. Also I see that I can turn all this experience that I going through as learning process right? With that, I will be continuously learning about so many things,and this is applicable to everyone thorughout the whole spectrum of work, of life. Now I know that I am not quitting my pursuit of knowledge but really I am just taking a different way to do it.

Chances to Impact The Youngsters
I did write in few of my previous entries that I wanted to further my studies and became a lecturer mainly because I want to give an impact to students and change their lives. This dream came upon me since when I was in standard 6, when my teacher cried in front of the whole classroom because most of us failed her paper. Since that day, I worked so hard to redeem myself towards that teacher, heck, I even memorized a freakin mini dictionary aaand I finally got an A for her paper and up until now I have been in love in English language, mainly because of what happened back then in standard 6. I want to give such impact towards people life too and I thought the only way was to be teacher/lecturer, boy was I wrong, there are so many other ways that we could do to inspire people and to give impacts towards people and lucky for me I can do it in the interview room *more private and really real or I can also do it during career talks. I am not really good at talking but I have got the privilege to give career talk a few times now, Thank You God. Career talk is like me sharing with them about the career opportunity at our company and at the same time I will motivate the students to study hard, study smart and be prepared for the industry and some other stuff. And eventho I dont know how impactful they are towards the audience but at least I get to live my dream, and it feels good.  

Guys, I know it maybe a little too early for me to say that I am happy with my work, maybe the worst part of it is yet to come but at least as of right now I am feeling so much better compared to myself almost one year ago, If you whos reading are having a hard time at work because you just joined the organisation, trust me work is gonna get better, if it doesnt then trust me you will be stronger. Either way, things are going to be better. See you in the next one!

"You might be sad now, might also make no sense now but have faith that it is the best. Later when life slowly unfold, you will see all the answers to all your 'whys'"


Tips: How To Answer "Tell Me About Yourself"

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Ahoy people of the earth! I hope you guys are doing fine, having fun and living a life full of blessing. Its the second entry for this month, thats someting to be proud of for me. I thought I could never do more than one entry per month based on what happen last year and earlier this year.. Haha..Apparently I'm better than what I thought. 

Anyway, lets skip to the content now okay. Last week, I went to UTM for a clinic for Innovate Malaysia Design Competition. I was there of course to scout for potential talents and also to conduct some interview session with the students/participant of this Innovate Malaysia Design Competition. They are bright students with good CGPA and they have some really good Final Year Project. Any company that manage to hire them later on would be lucky and they would be a valuable asset to the company. Everything was fine during their interview eventhough they have not yet graduated and dont have any prior interview experience but they did okay, their technical knowledge was good and communication skill for most of them is not bad. Its just that, if there is one thing that they can improve during their interview session is how they start the interview. 

Alright, for most interview, at least from my experience as a candidate and also as an interviewer, it will begin with " Tell me about yourself", or "Can you please introduce yourself" or anything that carry the same meaning lah kan.. Now as simple as this may looks it is actually carry a significant something for the interview which is, it sets the tone of the whole interview. If you start with "Ermm, what should I say arr?? Im too nervous I forgot what to say" then you can already tell where the interview is heading for the next 20 minutes. Basically what you answer for this question will steer the direction of the interview and can impact the result. I know there are many, thousands of tips on how to answer this question out there, you can just google it, you might also reach on my blog because you google that.. Haha.. There are many perspectives on this matter, I believe its all good and can be used during your interview session, just pick any of the tips. 

If you ask me, my tips for you is to write it down, memorize it and practice. Doesnt matter if it might sound fake or scripted for as long as you put in good content in the speech, its compact with important information and also you deliver it well with confident. Remember to memorize it! If I am the one who interview you, at least, at least you will get a point for preparing script and for taking your time to memorize it. It is always a plus point for if you put extra effort, in whatever aspect 100% guarantee. Dont worry about being nervous and forgetting the script, you wont. Its not yet a question about how many meter square is the massive Aitken Basin measures, its you are just telling people about yourself. Trust me, you wont forget it. I went to 5 interviews before I land my current job and I used the same answer for all my "Tell me about yourself" question, I script it down first of course and thanks to all the sitcom series that I watched, I managed to act to make it look less scripted not saying that its wrong to look scripted but again, effort triumph everything. My scrip was really simple and I will share it down here.

"Good Morning, first of all, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to come for this interview for this position. Anyway, my name is Mohamad Hakimi Bin Abdul Jamai. I'm from Sungai Petani, Kedah. I am 23 years old and I am the fifth child from 7 siblings. My father is a retired army, he is currently helping out at the Program Latihan Khidmat Negara and my mother is fulltime housewife. So thats basically about it for my family background, now my education, I did my degree in English Linguistic at Universiti Putra Malaysia for 3.5 years, I basically learn everything about English language and all the science behind the language. I did my internship at Panorama Langkawi where I was attached under Operation and Customer Relation Management Department. What I did was, I handled any customer complaints and assisted any customer in need. I learned a lot of things during the internship. I had a really great time during my Degree years and my greatest achievement would be, I went to Turkey for an intercultural mobility program that was organized by my friends and I under our club, Al-Biruni club. Thats pretty much about myself"

I know its quite long but I was lucky that I was given the chance to finish my intro without any interruption for all the interview that I went to. You might be interrupted, so have a plan B ok. Ofcoz, I didnt say exactly every single word as I wrote but at least it looks more structured and you can ensure that all that they want to hear, is heard. So, guys, write your intro, memorize and practice, if possible try to make it looks natural but if cannot, then its okay. Just do your thing!Harus diingat, this is my perspective on this subject matter so it may differ from other recruiter and from what you have read on some other sites, lets just add this in one of your list of tips for interviews ok? Haha.. Anyway, I hope this is helpful and I hope you land your dream job! Goodluck! Have a nice day you beautiful soul!

Info: How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile "Recruiter Friendly".

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Salam Muhibbah everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine eventho Im not. Im suffering from some kind of infection on my trachea right now. Just a little bit tho, so no worries. Anyway, Im not going to talk about BR1M or rant about anything.Just want to keep the blog healthy, which also translates to 'boring'. But I dont care its boring as long it could be useful to someone somewhere out there. Well today, this entry is targeted again towards all the fresh graduates out there who are still looking for jobs. I just want to share a bit of what I know from the perspective of a recruiter.

Alright, I am working as an inhouse recruiter for a Semiconductor company in Kulim. As a recruiter, we are required to utilized all the job seeking platform there is out there. To name a few, we have of course Jobstreet,, Monster, so many others and LinkedIn. I want to talk about LinkedIn! Primarily because I believe there is a lot of ways that you can do to make your LinkedIn profile, urm 'Recruiter friendly'. I wont be sharing things like how to write a good summary on your LinkedIn or things like that. I just want to share literally two tips how you can help us help you to get a job.

As far as I have been using this particular platform, I notice that a lot of the users(job seekers) do not put enough things on their profile. Among the things that they always miss out are their contact number/email and also their CV/Resume. You see, what happens when you dont put this things is that we Recruiter would need to send you Inmails and we'll have to wait for you to check your emails to see the notification and only then you would check your LinkedIn mailbox and then reply. This would usually take 2-3 days which is a waste of time, on your side as well mine. If you could just somewhere on your profile, put your contact number, I could call you right now and save us the 2-3 days. So the 2 tips are Put your phone number and also upload your resume. Simple huh? but many seems to overlook.

So how do we do that? Im glad you ask! its a really simple procedure. Would only take literally 5 minutes (maybe less) to include this information in your profile. Alright, you can include your contact number anywhere that you can input information. For example, they will ask you to write a summary about yourself , you can put it there, they will also ask you to write about your education background , co-curricular involvement, you can also put it there. A lot other sections that you can include your contact number. Let me show you how to edit it if you dont know how.

First, go to your profile. Click the pencil icon.

Go to your summary and add your number/email. Done.

And if you scroll down a bit from your summary, you can already see a function where you can upload your resume, so, urm.. Upload your resume!

Thats it people! Its really easy! if its not easy and effective, I wont recommend it to you. I'm pretty sure LinkedIn wont really appreciate me sharing this kind of information with you guys but this is definitely going to be helpful if you really are fully utilizing LinkedIn as a source. As a recruiter, I always think that I am like a bridge for someone out there to cross over from being unemployed to having a stable income/job, hence this entry.Dont forget to connect with me on LinkedIn too!I hope this somehow benefits you guys. Have a great life, May Allah Bless!


Info: Procedure Pengecualian Pembayaran Balik PTPTN Macam Mana?

Monday, January 16, 2017
Salam Muhibbah semuanya.. Rasanya tak perlu kot aku tulis "Im Back!" kan? haha.. Lepas entry ni, I would probably will disappear again for one year.. So, lets just skip that part okey? Anyway, ada satu benda yang aku rasa penting untuk aku kongsikan dengan hgpa especially para fresh graduate peminjam PTPTN. Aku baru sahaja dapat surat daripada PTPTN yg menyatakan aku dapat pengecualian pembayaran balik PTPTN lepas almost sebulan aku hantar rayuan permohonan aku. Alhamdulillah dapat jugak. Ok, entri ni bukan lah untuk aku menunjuk nunjuk yang aku dapat pengecualian ke apa ka. Im writing this entry is because there is a story before aku apply untuk pengecualian tu. Lets get into it.

Aku pemegang biasiswa JPA starting daripada semester 4 aku masa kat UPM dulu. Jadi sebelum aku dapat JPA tu aku mengunakan khidmat PTPTN la kan. Maknanya aku ada berhutang dengan PTPTN dan aku tak habiskan degree aku dengan PTPTN, tp dengan JPA. Months before aku apply for pengecualian tu, aku ada tanya dekat satu kaunter PTPTN yg dibukak dekat Mines Shopping Centre samada aku kena bayar atau tak PTPTN aku sebab aku tak habiskan degree aku dengan PTPTN walaupun aku dapat first class for my final CGPA. Pegawai tu cakap Yes aku kena bayar balik semua  yg aku dah pakai sebab aku tak tamatkan degree aku dengan PTPTN. So, aku pun balik lah dengan hati yang hampaa dan kaciwa sebab fikir yang aku kena bayar balik RM13,000 walaupun aku susah payah belajar dptkan first class tu. Mostly kawan2 aku yang lain pun mmg fikir mcm tu jugak, so nobody really took the iniative to pergi tanya PTPTN punya pejabat sebab kami percaya lah kata2 abg tadi tu. 

Fast forward a few months later, aku dapat kerja and aku dapat surat mengatakan aku dah mula kena bayar PTPTN aku. Aku pun pergilah ke kaunter PTPTN yang di buka dekat Tesco Utara Sungai Petani. Beratur...... Then bila sampai turn aku.. Aku pun isilah borang untuk pembayaran tu, right before aku bayar.. Aku tanya dekat pegawai yang jaga situ, for the last time sama ada aku mmg kena bayar atau tak PTPTN aku tu. Sembang punya sembang, rupanya aku boleh apply untuk pengecualian bayaran balik ptptn tu. Aku pun apa lagi, tarik balik borang yang aku dah isi td tu, simpan dalam poket and senyum. *dalam hati. Then aku pun tanyakan procedure yang patut aku buat. Pegawai tu pun bagilah kat aku Borang Permohonan Pengecualian Bayaran Balik PTPTN. Its really a very simple prcodure actually. Things u need to do/have.

  1. Borang Permohonan Pengecualian Bayaran Balik PTPTN
  2. Salinan Transcript Degree (Disahkan BHEA)
  3. Sijil Degree (Disahkan BHEA)
  4. Offer letter biasiswa (If pemegang biasiswa)

Aku pergi UPM a few days after that, dptkan cop BHEA dan lepastu aku pun submit semuanya dekat pejabat PTPTN dekat TBS. Settle weh. Senang ja. Aku ingatkan tidious kerjanya. Hgpa pun msti ingat byk benda nak kena buat kan? Nope. Simple sahaja. Borang dia pun satu page ja actually. Kalau hgpa nak pun aku boleh emailkan dekat hangpa. So, kepada peminjam PTPTN yg grad first class, jgn buang masa lagi, p cepat settlekan benda ni. Kepada yang sama case macam aku, harap info ni berguna. Ramai weh yang tatau pasal scholarship holder boleh dpt pengecualian jugak ni.. So, now you know, masih ada harapan untuk kita. haha.. Ok, p apply cepat, they will take lebih kurang 1 bulan untuk process application hgpa. Goodluck! Ada soalan boleh tanya kat bawah ok?


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