Sembang2: Love Your Job?

Hello you beautiful souls! Welcome back here and I hope you are doing great! Feeling awesome and looking dayumm hot! Coz you are!.  As a blogger, I constantly thinking on what could be interesting topic for me to write here, share my perspective and if possible get to learn your perspective as well. The problem with me is that whenever I have things to write, I wont have the mood to write and vice versa. So if  I ever get to write or publish an entry here, you must know that I have struggled and survived a battle between my emotion, idea, kemalasan physical and nafsu untuk tidoq. Unless, I got certain kind of push factor to make me write. Today, I got one. A friend ask me to write on "How to Love Your Job". Friend, if you are reading this, thank you. I know you must be thinking " the heck this dude? aku suggest tajuk ja, over plak dia", or you may not, haha.. But the thought of my random writing here could actually somehow give an impact ( even the tiniest possible) in someone's life, is good. It just feels great. So, lets see what do I got.

Do I love my Job?
To be honest, I wont go that extend, LOVE. But I can say that I am happy with my job. Happy here means, I have never fake an MC just so that I can stay away from the office. And sometimes even when I am a little sick, I will still go to the office to get my things done. Thats the happy that I am talking about here. Get it? Not the kind of happy that rainbows is flowing out of my bike on my way to the office and birds are singing accompanying me to work, not yet there. Hopefully one day.. I am happy because this job is giving me some sense of purpose in my life as for the time being. I have missions now everday. I still remember how bad was it when I didnt have a job, I woke up to do nothing, if that wasnt bad, try waking up to do nothing and scrolling social media with pictures of all your friends getting  jobs and having some sense of purpose in their life. Pretty bad huh? So, yeah, I am happy with my job now. For those who havent got a job, dont feel bad, you will get a job and you will learn to love your job. Cumanya, masanya belum sampai lg, and God wants you to rest or maybe help your parents at home or just feel this feeling right now so that you would appreciate things later when you get a job. So, sabar dan doa dan usaha ok?

Can You Love Your Job? 
Absolutely yes! Tapi a little bit different from drama cinta Akasia 7.00pm TV3, there is no love at first sight when it comes to job. Especially when you are a fresh graduate, there is no love at first I tell you, there is only nervousness, insecurities and blankness. During the early stage of working you do not really understand what are you doing and even what the heck to do. So how on earth are you supposed to love it right? Even in the context of human being, we cannot "love" someone in a day or two, we can like someone for how they look or how they sound or maybe how they behave, but we cant love them for that reasons, love comes with time. It grows from admiring, to liking and finally loving, this takes time. Along the way you will see all the good and bad sides of the person which ultimately make you fall in love more with them. Same thing with job, you need to give it time. You havent seen all of its sides yet to decide that you hate it, maybe you have only seen the stinky side of it, the good ones has yet to come. So, give it time yes?

How To Love Our Job
Its everyone's dream to work and do what they are passionate about right? Like me, I like art, singing, graphic design, writing and I am passionate about these things, but for the time being, God says that I should be working as an HR personnel, so who am I to rewrite that right? That being said, I take these opportunity to learn as much as I can, to be the best at what I am currently doing, but that doesnt mean that I am throwing away my passion, I carry it with me, with my job. I do design for company brochures, I do copywriting for company's social medias posting and so on. The idea is that, try to incorporate your passion into your work. That would help. Hopefully.

Another thing is, when you work for any organization, big or small, dont think about you working for the organization. Instead, think that you are working for the people inside the organization. Think that the work that you are doing right now, is going to affect the periuk nasik of all other people in the organization. If you work hard, you help the company to achieve the target, everybody gets bonus and there is a little boy/girl somewhere (anak2 employees is what I meant) will get new toys and get to eat KFC or ayam McD for a night and sleep with a big smile on their face. Well it works for me, I hope works for you too.

I hope thats enough sharing for this entry.  Hopefully you can take away something from this entry and if there is anything you would like to share with me, you can tell me on the chatbox on the right side of this blog. I dont know my comment section p mana ntah. Anyway, thanks for reading, and again, give it time ok?



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