Sembang2: New Song.

Hello guys, I hope you guys are doing great. I'm doing just fine over here. Been awhile since I last update anything here huh? Well, this will just be a short entry to tell you guys that I am still alive and still have a tiny bit of passion in writing here on this blog. Still working at the same company. Work is getting much more stable now, getting the hang of it. Lucky that I wrote here how I was struggling before during the early stage of working,cause at least I could see how I grow emotionally. When I read back the previous entries, its funny now. Some I didnt write here, but when I read those entry that I wrote from during the time I was struggling, all the memories just poured down and good thing is, I can laugh about it now. Thats how life work aint it? So, everytime you 're struggling and having a hard time, just imagine that yourself 1 year from now would be smiling and maybe laughing at you now. Pick urself up, get the struggles resolves and move forward.

Anyway, I went to my MRSM Mock Interview couple of days ago. It was an extraordinary experience. Met old friends, teachers and just sit down reminiscing good old times as a student there. I still feel like I havent really left highschool. There is a part of me who is still that boy that dont want to go out and grow and pay bills and stuffs. I guess we all do have that part of ourselves right? Anyway, Like I said, this entry is going to be short, and this is probably it. haha.. too short? Ok2, a little bit more update, I am going to upload a song that I wrote, you can hear it on soundcloud maybe nextweek. Its called Pelangi. Another song with weird melody and lyric. Just a song from my heart. Show me some love yes? haha. Ok guys.Thats all from me for now. I'll talk to you guys in the next one. bye!


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