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Whats up beautiful souls! I hope you guys are doing fine, feeling great and looking hot! Cause I am..Hahahambar.. Anyway guys, its almost a year now of me working here at SilTerra as an inhouse recruiter. One year. Not yet there, but almost. If you read my entry from the first few months I joined the company you might be able to smell that I was not that happy working. Its not that I was not happy with the place but I was just so not ready with the idea of "working". Like I always said, my plan after degree was only to further and pursue knowledge until the highest level there is. So, when that ideal or that plan has to take a different turn, it sucked. Due to that, work was suck. But that was almost one year ago. Right now, things have changed. Things are getting tougher but I can now say that I am happy working. Of course everyday, every single freaking day will be an adventure, there will always be problems *caused by yours truly or sometimes by others but most of the time by yours truly but its ok. I'ts a norm, only now I realized. I tell you what, up until now, there is not a single day where the day went off smoothly, not a single day. I constantly freaking out about something and at this point I will be scared if Im not freaking out about something. At first I felt like its unhealthy and  just wrong but then I realized that its good actually, at least you know you're up to something. So, yeah, in this entry I would like to share with you guys why am I ok now.

Seeing Lives Change.. Improving.
Working as a recruiter is a bless. Thank You God for sending me, putting me on this path. Through only almost one year working as a recruiter I have seen so much people changed, improve themselves. How? by getting a new job of course, with a better pay of course. Whats better than that? is for me myself to be the turning point of that change. Let me tell you story, a few months back, I have this candidate, his name is Shawal, he came for an interview at the company for Manufacturing Technician Position, he didnt 
get job because of some reasons I shouldnt mentioned here. But really I think he is a good person with a good attitude and can really an asset for the company. How do I know? I was in the room as one of panels.. Shawal was not from a rich family and at that time jobless plus his wife was pregnant 6 months. It really broke my heart seeing a good candidate in such situation not getting the job and had to come back home to his mommy to be wife that he was again turned down. 

So, I told him, ask him if he was okay if I would want to call him again for other position and he obviously he agree, at that time, we didnt have any other openig that he could apply. So, we waited until a few weeks after that there was one opening that his education qualification fit to apply, but then his age was a bit over the limit.. So, we waited again, *I believe at same time he also applied for other position at other companies..One month after that, there is one other opening, this time he is fit for the job, all aspect. So I called him for an interview session with the department, and as I expected, the department liked him .. But this time around, other conflicts raised, because of his age is like this and his salary cannot be like that and da da da da. I could have went to other candidates, but I really want to help this guy and his family. I didnt gave up on him, I tried my best to get the whole things done and the process took almost one month, and I finally got to hand him the offer letter from our company.He definitely was happy. He said that his wife will be so happy. 

 And fast forward a few months after that, just last week, Shawal sent me a pic of him, his wife and their beautiful baby girl, he said "Dari bini saya pregnant 6 bulan sampai lani anak dah 3 bulan, Terima kasih En. Hakimi, Semoga urusan En.Hakimi dipermudahkan macam mana En.Hakimi bantu saya dan keluarga kecil saya ni". That really made my day. This is only one of the cases among a few more that just warm my little heart everytime I think about my job.

I am Pursuing Knowledge.
I mentioned about how much I want to pursue knowledge right? Yeah, like a lot. And during the first few months of working I thought its the end of knowledge searching mission of mine. I thought thats it for me. But as I went along and work and work,I started to see and  I realized that everyday there is opportunity for me to learn new things, be it how to better conduct an interview session or how to manage my work better or if I want to, I could also learned about Wafer Fabrication processes and really understand it. The chances are there and the materials to help me study are also there, I just have to want to do it. Also I see that I can turn all this experience that I going through as learning process right? With that, I will be continuously learning about so many things,and this is applicable to everyone thorughout the whole spectrum of work, of life. Now I know that I am not quitting my pursuit of knowledge but really I am just taking a different way to do it.

Chances to Impact The Youngsters
I did write in few of my previous entries that I wanted to further my studies and became a lecturer mainly because I want to give an impact to students and change their lives. This dream came upon me since when I was in standard 6, when my teacher cried in front of the whole classroom because most of us failed her paper. Since that day, I worked so hard to redeem myself towards that teacher, heck, I even memorized a freakin mini dictionary aaand I finally got an A for her paper and up until now I have been in love in English language, mainly because of what happened back then in standard 6. I want to give such impact towards people life too and I thought the only way was to be teacher/lecturer, boy was I wrong, there are so many other ways that we could do to inspire people and to give impacts towards people and lucky for me I can do it in the interview room *more private and really real or I can also do it during career talks. I am not really good at talking but I have got the privilege to give career talk a few times now, Thank You God. Career talk is like me sharing with them about the career opportunity at our company and at the same time I will motivate the students to study hard, study smart and be prepared for the industry and some other stuff. And eventho I dont know how impactful they are towards the audience but at least I get to live my dream, and it feels good.  

Guys, I know it maybe a little too early for me to say that I am happy with my work, maybe the worst part of it is yet to come but at least as of right now I am feeling so much better compared to myself almost one year ago, If you whos reading are having a hard time at work because you just joined the organisation, trust me work is gonna get better, if it doesnt then trust me you will be stronger. Either way, things are going to be better. See you in the next one!

"You might be sad now, might also make no sense now but have faith that it is the best. Later when life slowly unfold, you will see all the answers to all your 'whys'"


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